Large Unbranded TPU Bag (Top Loader)

  • TOP LOAD: Easy to access large space
  • CUSTOMISE: Removable divider allows food items to be separated within the bag
  • COMFORT: 9mm extra soft padding for back and shoulders
  • INSULATION: Lined with heat resistant PE foam filling and food grade reflective aluminum foil lining, ensuring a hot delivery
  • DURABLE: Water resistant TPU outer shell, ensuring a tear-resistant, high quality backpack
  • COMPACT: Can be easily stored when not in use
  • PIZZA DELIVERY: Large enough for 7 x 12 inch pizzas
  • BIKE HARNESS:  6 D-rings to attach to Bike Pannier Rack
Exterior Shell Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell
Item Dimensions 40H x 43L x 35W cm
Item Weight 2290 Grams
Material Features PE Foam (5mm thickness) and food grade aluminum foil lining

Ergonomic Features

1. Padded shoulders and back to keep the driver partner comfortable.

2. A chest strap to distribute the weight of the bag.

3. Lightweight material used in the bag to keep the driver partner comfortable.

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